Sports and the Gospel | Introduction

Invitation from David Platt to SC16

A Worldview Shift, Not Just a Moral One

It's the Word of God that Changes People

How Did You Perceive the Church as a Non-Christian?

Encouragement for the Tempted

What We Mean by Diversity

Subtle Manifestations of Racism

When to Talk Repentance

Patiently Meet People Where They Are

Pornography Addiction: Practical Steps Toward Victory

What If My Community Is Not Diverse?

Making Your Church More Diverse

Pornography and the Ministry of the Church

Always Be Prepared to Give an Answer

Easter's Challenge to the Non-Christian

Addressing Pornography with Humility

Fear and Faith

We Need a Christian Approach to Sexual Immorality

New Challenges in Addressing an Age Old Sin

Ethnic Diversity is a Gospel Issue

How Jackie Hill Perry Came to Faith

The Gospel Is Everything

Christopher Yuan's Testimony

Teaching People Biblical Truth in a Creative Way

Using Your Gifts to Engage the Culture

Parenting in a Hyper-Sexualized Culture

Addressing the Issue vs. Addressing the Individual

"There Is No Sin That Is Larger Than God's Love"

Engage People with God

Creating a Better Church Culture

Engaging Homosexual Friends with the Gospel

Christians with Sexual Identity Questions Need the Church

The Cost of Following Christ

Why Rosaria Butterfield Calls Herself An "Unlikely Convert"

Can't We Just Stick to Preaching the Gospel?

A Two-Pronged Approach to Moral Issues

We Can't Pick and Choose

Encouragement for the Overwhelmed

Won't Our Stance On Cultural Issues Hurt Our Witness?

Not On David Platt's Authority

Don't Worry, Trust God, Keep Fighting

Is God Anti-Gay?

Christians: Don't Be Surprised by Cultural Opposition

The Cultural Issues Christians Must Prioritize

The Church Impacting the Culture at the Middle

The Imaginary Conflict Between Loving People and Taking a Stand Against Sin

Can Christians Experience Same-Sex Attraction?

Same-Sex Attraction and Identity

How Can YOU Make a Difference for Orphans?

Are We Caring for Orphans for the Right Reasons?

David Platt's Personal Testimony

Andy & Jon Erwin on The Cross and Everyday Life - Part 2

Andy & Jon Erwin on The Cross and Everyday Life - Part 1

If My Church Doesn't Seem Very "Radical," Should I Leave It?

The Gospel and the NFL

David Platt on the Follow Me Simulcast

We've Got To Be Disciples First

David Platt on Why He Wrote "Follow Me"

Should We Lead People in a "Sinner's Prayer"?

Caring for the Poor and Making Disciples

Religious Legalism or Radical Living?

What Does Discipleship Look Like on a Day-to-Day Basis?

Commands and Callings

What Does Living Radically Look Like for David Platt?

Radical and the Normal Christian Life

The Role of the Local Church in Following Christ

Platt & Dever on Expository Preaching and the Gift of Teaching

Platt & Dever on the Importance of Global Mission

Platt & Dever on the Dangers of Church Shopping and the Necessity of Church Membership

Platt & Dever on the Dangers of False Conversion and False Assurance in Our Evangelism

Platt & Dever on Pastors Engaging the Lost

Platt & Dever on Disciple-Making

Platt & Dever on Apologetics, Evangelism, and Disciple-Making

Platt & Dever on Agnosticism, Atheism, and Mark Dever's Testimony

Making Disciples Can't Be Done Alone

Making Disciples Starts Somewhere

Is the Call to Discipleship Only a Call for Mature Christians?

Legalism and Living Radically

What Does a Relaxing Day Look Like for You?

Healthy and Unhealthy Ways to Think about Radical Living

Who in Church History Would You Most Like to Meet?

The Church and Living Radically

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