Radical Bible Study

What does it mean to be a 1st century follower? Is it any different than being a follower in the 21st century? Listen as author Dr. David Platt shares the passion behind his book, Radical: Taking Back your Faith from the American Dream. The radical things Jesus said 2000 years ago still apply to Christians today. Denying ourselves, giving up everything, and loving Him above all others is a radically different way to live. But it is the only way to truly live. We were created for more than a middle class existence. We were meant to count for His glory.

LifeBibleStudy offers an 8-lesson curriculum to complement Dr. Platt's book. This study will help your group dig into his concepts and apply them to their daily lives. It's designed for easy group facilitation, so no leadership experience is necessary.

The Bible study will include:

  • 8 Bible study lessons which correspond to the 8 book chapters of Radical
  • Challenging lessons to help believers put the book's concepts into practice
  • Each lesson includes commentary, teaching plans, discussion questions, and more
  • Differentiated teaching plans to meet various adult group sizes and needs

Each group member will need a copy of Radical.

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