Secret Church 17: Scripture and Authority in an Age of Skepticism

Secret Church 17: Scripture and Authority in an Age of Skepticism

Churches around the world look to Scripture as the foundation for their faith. Yet many followers of Christ never think to ask why this is the case, leaving them vulnerable to skeptics who claim that Scripture is merely an outdated human invention full of errors. This book we call the Bible is vied by many in our culture as intolerant, chauvanistic, and ultimately dangerous.

In the face of such criticisms, and to strengthen our own faith, followers of Christ need to be able to answer questions such as ...

  • Is the Bible divine?
  • Is the Bible true?
  • Is the Bible clear?
  • Is the Bible sufficient?
  • Is the Bible good?

In this Secret Church study David Platt addresses these critical questions, questions that have implications for our lives, for our families, for our churches, and for our mission to the world. The church desperately needs to recover confidence in Scripture's authority in the midst of a skeptical age.

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Additional Resources

Session 1 - Introduction

Session 2 - Is the Bible Divine? (General and Special Communication)

Session 3 - Is the Bible Divine? (Inspired by God and Recognized by Man)

Session 4 - Is the Bible True?

Session 5 - Is the Bible Clear?

Session 6 - Is the Bible Sufficient?

Session 7 - Is the Bible Good?

Session 8 - Critical Conclusion

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