Topic: The Person & Identity of Christ

The Leader of the Church

David Platt
Matthew 4:18-22

Proclaiming Jesus for the Joy of All People

David Platt
Acts 13:13-52

The Most Astounding Claim in All History

David Platt
John 14:6

Theology for Unexpected Storms

Jim Shaddix
Mark 4:35-41

The Promise of His Eternal Reign

David Platt
2 Samuel 7

The Promise of His Death and Resurrection

Matt Mason
Isaiah 53

The Promise of His Life

Matt Mason
Isaiah 11:1-10

The Promise of His Coming

Jim Shaddix
Isaiah 9:1-7

The Sufficiency of Christ

David Platt
1 Peter 2:24
1 John 3:5
Revelation 1:18

The End of the Beginning

David Platt
Revelation 22:6-21

The Hallelujah Chorus

David Platt
Revelation 19:1-21

The Glory of the Triune God

David Platt
Revelation 4-5

The Indescribable Christ and His Indestructible Church

David Platt
Revelation 1:9-20

Commissioned By the King

David Platt
Matthew 28:16-20

The Rejection of the King and His Authority

Deric Thomas
Matthew 21:23-22:46

The King Is Coming

David Platt
Matthew 21:1-22

Behold Our God!

David Platt
Matthew 17

The Institution and Confession of the Church

David Platt
Matthew 16

The Ultimate Question

David Platt
Matthew 28:1-15

The Centerpiece of All History and the Determinant of Our Eternity

David Platt
Matthew 26-27

Worship the King

David Platt
Matthew 13:53-14:36

Will Your Heart Be Hardened or Humbled by This King?

David Platt
Matthew 12

When Faith Is Hard and the Burden Is Heavy

David Platt
Matthew 11

The King's Authority - Part 2

David Platt
Matthew 9
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