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The goal of Secret Church is not simply to attend a live gathering or watch a simulcast once per year and go away unchanged. Instead, we hope and pray that everyone who attends a gathering will take what they learn and pass it along to others. This can be done in a variety of ways, and we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to access Secret Church resources for use “Beyond the Simulcast.”

Free Downloads

The teaching sessions are made available through the Radical Resource Library approximately one month after the Secret Church gathering. The audio and video can be streamed online or downloaded (as mp3 and mp4 files) for use at your convenience. Two versions of the study guide—both "blank" and "with answers"—can be downloaded (as PDF files) for further study.

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For Purchase

The teaching sessions also are available for purchase in DVD and/or CD format. Spiral-bound, fill-in-the-blank copies of the study guide can be purchased for individual or group use. Additionally, Small Group Discussion Guides are available for some studies and are designed to assist leaders in walking a small group through Secret Church in six sessions.

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Praying for the Persecuted

At each Secret Church gathering, we choose a people group or region of the world to learn about and pray for throughout the gathering—and beyond. In recent years, a website has been created to educate participants and bring broader awareness to the needs of the prayer focus region or people group. Use the information, stories, and prayer requests on these sites to continue praying for these groups.

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