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Simulcast FAQs

Can I add more participants to my registration after I've already registered?

Yes. You will be able to add more participants to your registration directly through your simulcast account, no matter which package size you purchased initially. Once you are in your account, click on the "Study Guides" menu option.

Is an offering collected during Secret Church?

Yes. You will have an opportunity during the evening to give to a special offering, which will assist persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. Participation in the offering is optional. You can watch a short video clip that shows some ways we have used the Secret Church offering here.

How much does it cost to participate in the simulcast?

The simulcast costs $8-10 per person, depending on which package you purchase and when you register.

Standard Registration rates are currently in effect. Simulcast packages are priced as follows.

  • Package A: Simulcast Registration for 2 people and 2 study guides | $20.00
  • Package B: Simulcast Registration for 5 people and 5 study guides | $49.50
  • Package C: Simulcast Registration for 10 people and 10 study guides | $99.00
  • Package D: Simulcast Registration for 20 people and 20 study guides | $189.00
  • Package E: Simulcast Registration for 35 people and 35 study guides | $319.00
  • Package F: Simulcast Registration for 50 people and 50 study guides | $425.00
  • Package G: Simulcast Registration for 75 people and 75 study guides | $635.00
  • Package H*: Simulcast Registration for 76+ people and 100 study guides, with the option to purchase additional study guides as needed | $850.00


* Groups that purchase Package H may purchase additional study guides in cases of 10 or 50 for $5 each, plus shipping.

Who can simulcast Secret Church?

The simulcast is available worldwide. We encourage you to gather with your friends, family, small group, or church to participate. All you need in order to join us is a computer and an internet connection. Additional technical details can be found on the Technical Information page.

Can I simulcast Secret Church in my home?

Yes! The simulcast is a web-based broadcast and can be viewed in your home, school, workplace, church, or anywhere in the world.

When should I register for the simulcast?

We encourage small groups and churches to register as early as possible to allow time for promotion of and planning for your simulcast gathering. Register on or before April 7, 2017 to guarantee delivery of your Study Guides without having to opt for expedited shipping.

What does the registration fee cover?

Registration fees received for the simulcast cover the expenses of production, broadcasting, printing the study guide for the night (150+ page, spiral-bound book), promotional resources, and customer and tech support. The cost averages $8-10 per person, depending on the package you select and when you register.

Will I receive study guides when I register for the simulcast?

Yes, a specified number of study guides is included in your simulcast package. Study guides will begin shipping 6-8 weeks before the simulcast. More information about how study guides are provided will be included in your account when you register.

Are promotional materials available to help us promote Secret Church?

Yes. Promotional materials (promotional videos, graphics, posters, etc.) will be available in your simulcast account under the "Promotions" tab. You will receive login credentials to your account after you register.

Can we delay the broadcast if the start time doesn't work for our group?

Yes. The simulcast can be time delayed to accommodate a start time that works better for your group. You will have access to the simulcast through May 31, so you can replay the video any time during that period. More information about the time delay option will be provided in your simulcast account.

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