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Technical Info

Participating in the Secret Church simulcast is easy. You can stream from your home, church, office, or anywhere you have an internet connection.

What You Need in Order to Stream the Simulcast

All you need in order to stream the webcast is a high-speed internet connection and a computer (Mac or PC) with the latest version of Flash Media Player. If your computer does not already have Flash Media Player installed, you can download the software for free.

  • The following browsers are supported: Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. You can also stream on iOS or Android platforms. Internet Explorer is not recommended.
  • Wireless connectivity can work but should be avoided if possible due to the potential for fluctuations in available bandwidth on your network. We recommend using a wired, high-speed connection if at all possible.
  • You can watch the simulcast on your TV by connecting your computer with an HDMI cable. If your computer has a DVI output, an inexpensive DVI to HDMI adapter (available at most electronics stores) is required. Audio can be routed to the TV through the connected HDMI cable or analog headphone outputs on your computer. Please reference your owner’s manual for further instructions.
  • If you plan to watch the simulcast via Apple TV, you will need to enable the airplay function on another Apple device (laptop or iPad) receiving the stream.
  • Wii and Playstation are not supported streaming devices.

Recommended Internet Speed

For the best experience, we recommend a sustained available download speed of 3.5 MBps or greater (wired DSL, Broadband connections), with a minimum of 2.2 MBps. Using a wireless internet connection (wifi) is not recommended and may not be supported. You can test your internet speed here.

We strongly encourage you to test your internet connection before registering for the simulcast. If your connection speed is less than the suggested minimum, you have two options:

  • Connect at the lowest speed we broadcast and know that the quality of the stream may be a bit less than what you are normally used to.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) prior to the simulcast and request a faster connection. In some cases, your current provider may offer higher rates of speed for the same amount you are already paying.

Time Delay

You can delay the start of the simulcast if the published time does not work for your group. This option may be particularly helpful for groups in Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zones (as well as other locations around the world).

Simulcast Replay

The simulcast will be available to watch in its entirety through May 31. You may watch the simulcast on the day and time of your choosing during that time period. It is also possible to watch in shorter segments if desired.

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