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David Platt
When I first started planning for Secret Church I was not sure that anyone would be as excited as I was to study the word for 6 hours! Very quickly I learned that so many are just as hungry as I am to study the word and fellowship together. Our gathering consisted of people from differing churches and denominations. The Word that was taught was so amazing that we truly were operating as the body of Christ, having all things in common and sharing a common purpose. The teaching was so phenomenal that it took me over an hour after the end of Secret Church to get everyone to leave! They were having a Bible study after the Bible study. We were so excited that we did not want the experience to end. Thank you so much for being a willing vessel and putting together such an amazing event. The information and the experience was trans-formative! I am not only going to host it again next year, I'm planning on inviting even more people!

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