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I am a first time Secret Church host. Secret Church was recommended to me while I was in a conversation in line at a coffee shop. Once we decided to host we did not have many register until about ten days before the event, even though we had promoted it. I had hoped we would have 20 people due to the fact that it was six hours and something we had not done before. I had to order books two more times as the list kept getting longer. On Friday night we had about 60 people ranging in age from teens to those in their seventies. It was awesome! Most hung on till the end. We went through 14 lbs of grapes and three bags of Carmel popcorn. I had a older man (70's) come up to me today and say how thankful he was that we had this. Another lady came up and said that she will use the book and study the material this summer as her bible study. Initially I thought of just doing this for this year since it was world religions. However, now I know that David will likely promote missions at all of the events or promote sharing the gospel and going out to neighbors both here and overseas. Therefore, I cannot wait to do this again. Doing it live is a real event and there was not only teaching, prayer but also a lot of interacting at breaks. Love this. We will do this again next year! Thank you for all your work in putting this on. God used someone's recommendation to participate in Secret Church to impact 60 people in one night and I believe the ripple effect will be known someday in eternity.

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