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David Platt

My husband and I started a nonprofit shipping ministry to serve missionaries and church planters called Good Samaritan Shipping Ministries. We knew that God had created us for more than chasing a version of the American Dream and desired to figure out and fulfill that purpose. When my husband got his answer, "Get a boat and take stuff to missionaries," I followed his leadership, while desperately praying that my grudging obedience would lead to a fire in my soul. I went to my first Secret Church this year and walked out completely transformed. I was convicted and changed, challenged and encouraged. People are dying every day without ever hearing the name of Jesus Christ and I cannot tolerate it. The information Dr. Platt shared that night helped transform my hesitant submission into an excited urgency. While we may never be great speakers, evangelists, or pastors, we have the ability to help equip the workers in the field for the harvest. Our family, my children, we will move onto a boat and we will take stuff to missionaries. Why? Because we cannot stomach the idea of even one more person being eternally separated from our sovereign creator without ever having the chance to know Him. Workers in the field need tools, they need equipment, they need “stuff” to help them sow the seeds, we will work to equip them for their work until there is no breath left in our chests.

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