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My name is Teddy. I am twelve years old, and I recently joined a bible study specially hosted for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Assigned to this bible study was a book called Radical. Now, before I read this book I wrote nineteen unpublished books, determined for success I dreamed that one day I would be the billionaire teenager, I would own a four story mansion, a forty foot long recreational vehicle, and a giant 100 foot long swimming pool in my back yard, but Radical opened up my eyes to see that living like that is not a neccesity, it's a luxury, and wherever your treasures are is where your going. At the age of eight I would share my faith with everyone from a neighbor to one of my dad's clients. I dreamed of being a pastor owning a church, preaching up on stage in front of thousands of people, but my gifts blurred my eyes, and I realized I wasn't the same as I used to be, almost five years ago, but after reading Radical I learned that preaching and being on the mission fields is not an option, it's a command. I am definitely ready for anything God has for me whether it's selling everything I have or going out to Sudan to bring souls to him. I want to do something great for God. Thank you for helping me grow in my faith.

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