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This year we hosted our 2nd Secret Church at our Lutheran Church just outside of Charlotte, NC. ... read more


I attended in Salem Missouri. First time ever! It was intense & invaluable. My story is that a few years ago, our youth group participated in a VOM... read more


My husband & I found out about Secret Church 2014 and attended for the first time. We shared later in the day with the young adults in our family and... read more


My family has been attending Secret Church live every year since the third event! This year we had a total of twelve tickets for the event itself and... read more


New to Secret Church - thanking & praising God for David Platt, others involved on site and around the world; a highpoint was knowing that as we... read more


I'm from Colombia, South America. I live in a little town that only has a couple sound doctrine churches and one day searching on the internet for a... read more


I was so blessed to be able to watch Secret Church 2014 for the first time. Truly Pastor David Platt is God's anointed to share the good news on a... read more


When I heard about Secret Church I just wanted to be a part of the event. It's such a blessing. This was my first time and I could learn so much about... read more


Thanks so much for secret church. This was the first time we had hosted one. We weren't sure what to expect. We only registered for 10 people and... read more


I was truly blessed, encouraged and set on fire again for the Lord!!!! I have shared my experience with everyone I have come in contact with, I have... read more
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